Business Opportunities for Partners

We are looking for new partners across the world to distribute

What is is an all-in-one app for a personal trainer having the most comprehensive features in the market for a fitness professional:

  • build exercise programs
  • build nutrition plans
  • do group training
  • follow clients' progress

Advantages Over Competitors

Why so many have chosen us...

  • we have a huge collection of movements and diet items (+5200)
  • we have the most streamlined process of doing personal training, since our features have evolved and refined during 9 years in business
  • our app is easy to use (which is not necessarily the case in other softwares)
  • so far we are the only personal training app that has effortless group training
  • we have clear and simple pricing which is based on quota - simple to understand and easy to buy
  • we have everything in one single app!

Pricing Model works as a recurring basis starting from as low as $15/month. There is also a free version with full features available, but the quota is limited. Standard option for average personal trainer is between $30-$50/month. The pricing depends on required quota (of programs and plans).

About the Company is originated from Finland. It is incorporated on 2008 and it is privately owned.

In Finland has been the market leader since 2009. Majority of gyms and personal trainers are using it, including the biggest club chains. The reason why Trainero keeps the leader position year after year, is its innovative strategy. has always been one step ahead of competitors, and it will be that in the future, too.

Over the last years we have put huge amount of effort to develop this new version of which you are seeing right now. The target of this development process is to get to become the global market leader. That's why we have recently launched our Partnership program.

Partnership in a Nutshell

What Do You Need to Do as a Partner?

1. Get a License

We grant exclusive marketing rights in your specific market area, would it be a country, region of a country or even a continent. With the license you can use as your business, exclusively.

2. Make Some Business

Promote, market, sell, whatever you find appropriate to acquire customers. Charge them, collect payments and provide support. They are your customers.

What Will Trainero Do?

1. We Develop

We develop the software and have it available globally. This means that you can focus on marketing and selling without going into technological details. There is no need to hire ICT-personnels.

2. We Support You

We surely want you to succeed so we will put all our effort to support you in your business.

Please note, that the partnership is not affiliate marketing. You have the license to use as your own business and you work for you, not for us.

Licensing Status

Currently we are specifically looking for partners in:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Sweden

All other countries are welcome, too, so please do not hesitate to contact us for details.


We have started the licensing on April 2017 and licenses are limited. Preliminary reservations are accepted.

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